• Could Take Four Years to Bounce Back from $7B Loss

    Could Take Four Years to Bounce Back from $7B Loss Following earlier dire projections regarding the impact of the COVID-19 economic shutdown, Economist Pat Barkey, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, has revised those projections to being even more alarming. Read More
  • Brewhalla to Offer On-premise Beer Brewing

    Brewhalla to Offer On-premise Beer Brewing PJ Eldridge plans to open a rather unique business in Billings, one that will cater to home brewers of beer and those who think they would like to brew their own beer, but aren’t too sure how or where to begin. Read More
  • Advice for businesses… Surviving Requires Strategy, Good Managers will Prevail

    Still reeling from the shock of having their businesses shut down, most small businesses in Montana are now venturing forth to reopen, in stages, and in step with the state’s mandates on how they must operate. But how do they resurrect their business from the brink of disaster? Read More
  • Montana in Recession - Two Years for Recovery

    Without a doubt Montana is in a recession – “one more severe than anything Montana has experience since World War II,” says Pat Barkey, Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana. The recession is the consequences of business closures and economic shutdowns that has Read More
  • Empty Meat Counters will Trigger Changes to Beef Market

    Empty Meat Counters will Trigger Changes to Beef Market The impact of the disruption of our economy with the business shutdowns across the nation, due to the COVID-19 crisis, is yet to be understood and will be full of surprises. But one thing is certain, impacting as it is two of Montana’s basic industries – travel/tourism and agriculture – Montanans are Read More
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  • Unemployment Rate at 11.3%

    Montana’s unemployment rate was at 11.3% in April due to impacts created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Montana unemployment rate remains below the national rate of 14.7% in April. Read More
  • Commerce Dept. Announces Montana Tourism Awards

    Montana Department of Commerce Director Tara Rice announced the winners of the 2020 Montana Tourism Awards, recognizing the significant contributions Montanans have made to the state’s tourism and recreation industries. Read More
  • County Gets Grant for Cyber Security

    Yellowstone County’s Disaster & Emergency Services Coordinator K. C. Williams has received a letter from the Department of Military Affairs for Montana announcing that his application for a grant to improve cyber security for Yellowstone County has been approved. Read More
  • Transit: The Urban Parasite

    The costs of supporting the nation’s urban transit industry are rising, yet ridership is declining, according data from the Federal Transit Administration. In 2018 transit ridership fell in 40 of the nation’s top 50 urban areas, and, over the past five years ridership has fallen in 44 of those 50 Read More
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  • Most Self-employed in Montana

    The COVID-19 shutdown of our economy and the disbursement of federal funds to shore up businesses and the unemployed, brought a focus to the self –employed. Montana leads the nation in the percentage of the work force that is self-employed. Read More
  • Due to School Closures…. Polls Show More Support for Homeschooling, School Choice

    Parents may be discovering that homeschooling is more feasible than they previously thought. Greater education diversity may be part of the nation’s “new normal.” A new RealClear Opinion Research poll of 2,122 registered voters found that a strong majority surveyed support school choice and 40 percent are more likely to Read More
  • Real Estate Surprisingly Hot

    Real Estate Surprisingly Hot Having to stay at home doesn’t seem to be dampening residential home sales, but it is still a bit early to know for sure how the economic shutdown, to curb the spread of the coronavirus, is impacting real estate. Boosts in sales for April may very well be a residual Read More
  • Montana Fair Must Go On!

    Montana Fair Must Go On! Finding hand sanitizer by the drum is a primary necessity in planning a fair during a coronavirus crisis. Read More
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  • Adversity Builds for Future

    Adversity Builds for Future

    In a conversation this week, I was reminded of the oil bust of the 1980s, and how greatly it devastated Billings. Businesses of all kinds folded overnight, and since about half the town’s population was employed in the oil industry, jobs too disappeared.

    Read More
  • There are Worse Things

    There are Worse Things

    Watch closely.

    More quickly and more fervently than one could have imagined, the would-be authoritarian despots have emerged with a boldness and gall that must leave onlookers stunned.

    Be aware that they are the face of socialism.

    Read More
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